I've been reading LtU for about a year, and have always found things here that I'd never find on my own -- but one thing I haven't yet found anywhere on the web is a comprehensive database of PLs and PL implementations. Not just a simple list, but with detailed entries that can be searched on multiple attributes.

There is The Language List which I've known about for awhile, but just has textual descriptions which are just one-liners for many languages. I've recently discovered HOPL, which explicitly represents relations between nodes (e.g. influenced-by, implementation-of) and has a search interface. There's even a taxonomy which is interesting, if a bit inscrutable. Even the venerable Wikipedia has good info if you're willing to follow the links.

These lists focus on history -- I'd like deeper info on the size and shape of the languages and the implementations. For instance, I'd like to ask how a question like: how many BASICs ran in 16K or less of memory? Or: which languages that can evaluate their own code at runtime existed before 1970?

I wonder if any attempts have been made to develop such a database, and if it's reasonable to do so. You could end up with quite a lot of attributes for each PL, and some of the choices would be pretty arbitrary (and perhaps controversial). I'd like to ask those who have seen attempts at this before -- would such a database be a useful resource, or just an obsessive-compulsive enterprise?