Charles Babbage Institute

The Charles Babbage Institute is an historical archives and research center of the University of Minnesota. CBI is dedicated to promoting study of the history of information technology and information processing and their impact on society. CBI preserves relevant historical documentation in all media, conducts and fosters research in history and archival methods, offers graduate fellowships, and sponsors symposia, conferences, and publications.


CBI historians design and administer research projects in the history of information technology and engage in original research that is disseminated through scholarly publications, conference presentations, and the CBI web site. CBI archivists collect, preserve, and make available for research primary source materials relating to the history of information technology. The archival collection consists of corporate records, manuscript materials, records of professional associations, oral history interviews, trade publications, periodicals, obsolete manuals and product literature, photographs, films, videos, and reference materials. CBI also serves as a clearinghouse for resources on the history of information technology.

(Copied from the "about section" of the CBI site, hope that is allowed)

Didn't find any reference to this site on Ltu. Guess it might be of interest to the history department.

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The oral histories are fun

The oral histories are fun (alas only the transcripts are available, not MP3s). For instance, the Griswolds on Icon.

make a move

Ehud, some time ago (before you made me contributing editor) I posted two topics Automath and Alan Turing. Both were posted in reply to your request for contributions about the history of computer science. Is it possible to move these items to the appropriate department?

They were forum items not

They were forum items not "stories" so I think they can only belong to one of the two forums, not to any department.

If I am wrong about this and some Drupal maven knows how to do this, let me know..

I neither confirm nor deny...

...being a Drupal maven. But afaik, this can't be done through the regular Drupal UI (although there might be a module for it). I've made the changes by directly modifying the database. There goes our referential integrity... ;)


Thanks for doing that bit of hacking, Anton. I've always enjoyed mutability of state to some extent.