PLT web server used in "real life"

This is, to our knowledge, the first large site to run the PLT Scheme web server continuously for any length of time. Over the next few days we'll provide a few more details about the more intricate parts of our setup so other intrepid pioneers can learn from our work.

It's always good to hear of success stories of non-mainstream languages (well, non-mainstream outside LtU that is), so this project is worth keeping an eye on. Maybe Noel will be able to provide more technical details at some point.

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Thanks Ehud. We will over

Thanks Ehud. We will over time be providing more details and releasing some of the libraries we have developed, At Untyped we try to apply the best of theory. It is a difficult balance, and certainly our imagination outstrips our ability to implement code. LtU is a great resource for ideas -- bidirectional computing, FRP, and zippers are all things that have come up recently on LtU that have enriched our thinking about web frameworks.

More information

We've put some more information on our blog for those who are interested.


It's good to remember too that the web-server is used every day (basically) in Continue.

I should have mentioned

I should have mentioned that. Thanks.