PLT Scheme GC Technology

An interesting writeup of the GC techniques used in DrScheme.

3m [the newer "moving memory manager"] definitely works better than [the current] CGC for SirMail, and in principle it should always work at least as well as CGC. Despite having a 3m that works well enough for SirMail for many years, however, we have not yet switched to it as the main build.

Quite interesting for those interested in implementation techniques or using DrScheme. Since GC seems to be a hot topic in the forum these day, I suspect many will want to check this out.

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" * The new JIT essentially

" * The new JIT essentially eliminates the 3m instrumentation cost for
JITted code, because the JIT can cooperate much more directly with
the GC than instrumented C code."

When did the JIT get added, this is news to me!

A few months back

It was put into SVN a few months back. It was also included in v350, the most recent "official" release.