CLPython - an implementation of Python in Common Lisp

CLPython is an implementation of the Python programming language in Common Lisp. It is developed by Willem Broekema with support from Franz Inc. CLPython is released under the LLGPL.

You might enjoy browsing the source code.

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Only works in Allegro CL

This is disappointing.

Not really sure I'd use

Not really sure I'd use Python in CL. Personally I like Lisp much more than I do Python - when I do use Python (work) I just use CPython.

Start with one Lisp implementation

Supporting one initial Lisp implementation is a pretty practical strategy for Lisp free software. By side-stepping the distraction of portability in the beginning you get a better chance at producing something that works. And if you do manage to make something cool then there're masses of people ready to port it to their own Lisp of choice.

Nice hacking Willem :-)

NB: The explicit SLIME design goal was to be "as CMUCL-specific as possible" but the users of others Lisps stepped up and ported it far and wide. This was quite a surprise!

Happy to see it

I can imagine situations where I might use it. I'm happy to see implementations of languages for their study value.


CMUCL has always had Python builtin! ;)

The other way around...

There is actually (partial) implementation the other way around. I mean PyPy's Common Lisp backend.