Concoqtion: Mixing Indexed Types and Hindley-Milner Type Inference

From the "Whoa!" files:

Concoqtion: Mixing Indexed Types and Hindley-Milner Type Inference

This paper addresses the question of how to extend OCaml’s Hindley-Milner type system with types indexed by logical propositions and proofs of the Coq theorem prover, thereby providing an expressive and extensible mechanism for ensuring fine-grained program invariants. We propose adopting the approached used by Shao et al. for certified binaries. This approach maintains a phase distinction between the computational and logical languages, thereby limiting effects and non-termination to the computational language, and maintaining the decidability of the type system. The extension subsumes language features such as impredicative first-class (higher-rank) polymorphism and type operators, that are notoriously difficult to integrate with the Hindley-Milner style of type inference that is used in OCaml. We make the observation that these features can be more easily integrated with type inference if the inference algorithm is free to adapt the order in which it solves typing constraints to each program. To this end we define a novel “order-free” type inference algorithm. The key enabling technology is a graph representation of constraints and a constraint solver that performs Hindley-Milner inference with just three graph rewrite rules.

Another tough-to-categorize one: dependent types, the Curry-Howard Correspondence, logic programming, theorem provers as subsystems of compilers, implementation issues... it's all in here.

Update: A prototype implementation is available here, but it took a bit of Google-fu to find, and it's brand new, so be gentle.

Update II: The prototype implementation isn't buildable out of the box, and includes a complete copy of both the Coq and O'Caml distributions, presumably with patches etc. already applied. So it's clearly extremely early days yet. But this feels very timely to me, perhaps because I've just started using Coq within the past couple of weeks, and got my copy of Coq'Art and am enjoying it immensely.

Update III: It occurs to me that this might also relate to Vesa Karvonen's comment about type-indexed functions, which occurs in the thread on statically-typed capabilities, so there might be a connection between this front-page story and the front-page story on lightweight static capabilities. That thought makes me happy; I love it when concepts converge.

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This seems kin to Susmit

This seems kin to Susmit Sarkar's work, in which he uses Twelf terms as refinement types over ML. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have an LF/ML paper online yet, though there are slides.

Concoqtion Paper Moved

The paper can now be found here. In fact, it was in the process of discovering this that I found Siek and Taha's paper on Gradual Typing, as well as Siek's formalization of C++ template semantics. Oh, heck... I'd better just write a story saying "Go read Jeremy Siek's new papers."