eWeek: Sun Digging Deep for Dynamic Language Support

A report on Gilad Bracha's presentation at Lang.NET 2006 entitled "Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform".

We discussed several of the ideas mentioned, but I think we should continue to follow this story.

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Javascript in Java 6

And Java Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6), also known by the codename Mustang, "will come with a JavaScript implementation packaged in" when it becomes available later this year, he said.

I hope that it will support optimized tail calls and continuations, like RhinoWithContinuations.


If they want to future-proof for ECMAScript Edition 4, they ought to. They'll have to deal with it then anyway. :)

Sun Innovation: New IT Career

Gilad Bracha, a computational theologist at Sun delivered a presentation called "Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform" at the Lang.NET 2006 Symposium...

Could this sort of person help us pray that we've found all of our bugs? b^)

In case you thought it was a typo, it's on his CV


I should also note that "Evangelist" is an official job title at Microsoft.


It seems the general practise began at Apple.


As did departmental naming of their own conference rooms, so the evangelism department's were named after famous evangelists, of course, while my department's (MacDTS) was named after catch-phrases from "The Prisoner:" "We Want Information," "I Am Not a Number..."


Yeah, I was going to mention that as well... This is not a title I'd be proud of, for lots of reasons...

This title is really old

This title is really old news. I am surprised people are noticing it just now.

Note from a titular etymologist

I'm with Gilad: "The usual titles are unspeakably boring, and non-descriptive as well." -- from What is a Computational Theologist?

More links on lang.NET 2006

Michael Lehman is gathering links on Lang.NET 2006 on his blog.

Some have made fairly lengthy remarks on Gilad Bracha's presentation. One valuable feature: Gilad stayed for the remainder of the symposium. It was useful to have his ongoing participation and discussion.