The CellML language is an open standard based on the XML markup language. CellML is being developed by the Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland and affiliated research groups.

The purpose of CellML is to store and exchange computer-based mathematical models. CellML allows scientists to share models even if they are using different model-building software. It also enables them to reuse components from one model in another, thus accelerating model building.

Although CellML was originally intended for the description of biological models, it has a broader application (for an example, see the Mooney-Rivlin Constitutive Material Law). CellML includes information about model structure (how the parts of a model are organizationally related to one another), mathematics (equations describing the underlying processes) and metadata (additional information about the model that allows scientists to search for specific models or model components in a database or other repository).

An interesting XML based DSL, with a strong visual programming layer. I don't think we mentioned it in the past, and I'll be happy to hear what people here think of it.

For the recored, I am speaking at the annual conference of the open source community here in Israel, this Friday. My talk is about e-learning, and cellML is one of the examples I am going to discuss.

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I should perhaps add that if

I should perhaps add that if CellML interests you, you should also take a look at SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language).