Lisp Machine Manual

This is a prerelease version of the hypertext edition of the 6th edition of the Lisp Machine Manual. To read this manual, you need to use a browser that is capable of performing XSL transformations (Firefox, Internet Explorer and others).

A 1984 document by Richard Stallman, Daniel Weinreb and David Moon.

The preface contains a "personal note" from Stallman announcing GNU.

Some sections of interest are: cdr coding, closure manipulation functions, stack groups, and areas.

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This is great

Finally, a reference for a complete lisp implementation all in one place (other than the source code, which has already been around for a while). It's nice to read all the papers that are floating around the 'net, but to have all this information about a real system all in one place is a godsend.

Thanks for this. It will benefit all greatly in the future.



Not found.