DSLs and AOP

Hi all -

though I hardly have an academic background (or the age to have programmed Haskell) I wanted your opinions on a aspect oriented language thing I developed using Microsoft's dsl toolkit.

have a look at: http://bloggingabout.net/blogs/olaf/archive/2006/08/13/13363.aspx

Looking forward to your reactions - thanks

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Haskell is only for old people?

Yes, but only in Korea

Sorry, couldn't resist.

14 year olds use Haskell, DSLs are neat.

On the #haskell channel we've had active and contributing members as young as fourteen years old. At this time, I think our youngest active member is sixteen.

How old do you need to be to program Haskell?

As for your project, I think it's nice to be able to define a policy and then implement it post-facto. You might like monad transformers.

As for postprocessing generated bytecode, have you already seen Simonyi's Intentional Programming?

just joking about the age thing

just joking about the age thing - who know, maybe i'll give programming haskell a try sometimes (unfortunately this can only happen while i increasingly get older....)

I have heared about what Simonyi is doing, bot no - I have not seen anything in action yet, colleagues who have seemed very enthousiastic though. I also didnt know his implementation was based on bytecode modification. If you have pointers about where I can find more information on how he implemented intentional programming, id keep myself recommended.

A more descriptive posting on what I am doing -and where I want to take this can be found at: