Folding Recent Posts

You may have noticed that the type systems thread dominates the Recent Posts list. :/ Wouldn't it be nice if Recent Posts only showed the last n posts in a topic, and concluded with a link like "... (click for more) ..." or something if necessary? Or even, if you were logged in, if it showed only the new (asterisked) posts in each thread?

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Recent Posts now limited to 10 comments per thread

Good idea. As a first approximation to your request, I've simply limited each thread to displaying a maximum of 10 comments on the Recent Posts page. [edit: there's now a final bullet which reads "..." if more comments exist in that thread.]

If anyone has problems with this, please say so. (I'm just taking a path of least resistance, but if it's not good enough, I want to hear it.)

I'm still planning to provide a pure chronological list of most recent posts (whether stories, forum posts, or comments), which would not be by thread.