width still fixed?


Thanks for a still tremendous site!

Any chance of having the text of things be HTML w/out fixed widths? I am finding that even on a real, large display, things are chopped off the RHS and I have to scroll to-and-fro to read anything. I don't think any of my Firefox settings are causing this, I have tried dis/enabling things to experiment, with no useful results.

Maybe it is something about that particular page since others don't seem to have the problem. Hm...

[Firefox on WinXP Pro.]

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Pre tag causing the problem on one of the posts...

...used judiciously, the pre tag helps code readibility. But it can cause grief with the variable width layout.

Not just that page

I realized that all pages have a minimum fixed width, and I actually do run into that being frustrating pretty often; the core text I'm interested in barely fits in my browser windows. I guess all those side gutter things take up a lot of space.


Can you tell me what resolution you're running at, and is your browser window full-screen?

I've adjusted one of the code snippets on the page you mentioned, which has helped quite a bit. But Chris is right, the pre tags are a menace as things stand. Perhaps I'll put in a horizontal scroll on those.

Depends on Theme

Themes "Marvin" and "Pushbutton" very often produce too wide pages here, whereas theme "Itu" rarely does. "Itu" doesn't look quite elegant and the font size of the comments is too small for easy reading. Firefox's window width is approx. 85% of screen width (1280x1024px) here.

Rez etc.

I run Firefox on a display set at 1280x1024, and I do not have it full screen - it is around 993x647 (at the moment; sometimes I resize it to be a little taller).

another wide page

At least in my browser: http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/1625; dunno if it is a similar HTML issue?

css fix

pre { width: 100%; overflow: auto; }

Adding this to the css adds scrollbars to pre's that are too wide. Maybe someone can add this to the ltu theme?

A more general css fix

There's a long URL in the Prediction for 2008 thread messing up the page width. Of course the URL could be hidden inside an anchor tag, but in general:

div.comment {
  overflow: auto;