ESC not just for Java any more

Dana N. Xu's ESC/Haskell:
I this paper, we describe an extended static checking tool for Haskell, named ESC/Haskell, that is based on symbolic computation and assisted by a few novel properties. One novelty is our use of Haskell as the specification language itself for pre/post conditions.

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Why not posted to the

Why not posted to the homepage?

Why not homepage?

An oversight.

I moved the item to the

I moved the item to the homepage.


Of course, ESC started out as ESC/Modula3 ;).

Great to see this tool getting attention. It deserves that, it's another small step towards a 'next generation' ESC (with support for Java 5 and removing the dependencies on the old, non-free code).

working on it...

Hey Arnout, nice to see you here.

Give us some time and we'll have something even greater than ESC/Java3. (ESC for Java 5 source and bytecode supporting multiple logics, verification condition generators, and provers. See my papers for details.)

Hello, Joe!

Long time no see. :-) Glad to hear things are proceeding with ESC/Java. That's great news for us in the trenches.