Strongtalk goes open source

There seem to be a few scattered references to strongtalk in the archives, but no threads dedicated to it. Sun apparently just released the source code with a BSD style license, so feel free to look at the code or steal it for your own devious purposes. The following snippet from the homepage made me think of lambda-the-ultimate.

Type System: It contains the first fully developed strong, static type system for Smalltalk (hence the name Strongtalk). The type system is both optional and incremental, and operates completely independently of the compiler technology (which means that normal untyped Smalltalk code runs just as fast as typed code). It also contains a re-designed, strongly-typed "Blue Book" class library.

Get it here

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Of related interest.

Of related interest.

Gilad is humorous

Gilad's blog entry referenced from there is nicely snippity; "parametric polymorphism" indeed.

invokedynamic was discuss

invokedynamic was discuss here before.