Yield Prolog

lets you embed programs directly in or (or JavaScript, coming soon) by using the yield keyword.

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Prolog in Javascript

Somebody did Prolog in Javascript once already, but this looks much less complicated, and having it directly in Javascript is also a lot more useful.


I'll try to find a use for this in GUI design.

Hate to be pedantic...

But shouldn't this really be called "Yield Horn Clauses"? The python and (espcially the) C# code looks nothing like prolog.

"Yield Horn Clauses"

Indeed. I called it "Yield Prolog" because I don't know of any other
horn clause implementation (just my lack of knowledge).
Calling it "Prolog" gets the idea across quickly. Besides,
in my dreams I imagine writing a "compiler" to convert
Prolog code to "Yield Prolog".

- Jeff (Yield Prolog author)

Yield Prolog 1.0 Released

For anyone still reading this thread, Yield Prolog 1.0 has been released. Indeed, the compiler is no longer just "in my dreams." Yield Prolog has a parser, compiler, interactive shell and passes most of the ISO Prolog test suite. See the announcement at:


This last post made me aware of it.