ICFP proceedings / Scheme workshop

I haven't seen any posts about this yet, so I thought I'd point it out: ICFP 06 is over, and there are lots of interesting articles.

E.g. from the Scheme Workshop:

  • HOAS: [Barzilay] using higher-order syntax for normal code (not just macros)
  • "From Variadic Functions to Variadic Relations: A miniKanren Perspective": [Byrd, Friedman]:
    discusses pseudo-variadic functions
  • Termite Scheme [Germain, Feeley, Monnier]: Erlang-style processes in Scheme (the latest version)
  • Incremental compiler construction [Ghuloum]
  • "SHard: a Scheme to Hardware Compiler" [Saint-Mleux, Feeley, David]: compiling Scheme to FPGAs
  • and more..

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And don't forget

... that the ML Workshop, the Haskell Workshop, the Workshop on Mechanizing Metatheory, and the Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop were all co-located with ICFP too, so if you can't find anything to read it's not the functional programming community's fault :)

But the LtU editors should

But the LtU editors should really help you sift through all this... ;-)

...and Erlang

and don't forget WGP

the Workshop on Generic Programming! There is some spectacular stuff there - wish I could have attended.