Computational Thinking

I know this is slightly off topic for LtU, but I see Philip Wadler is collecting material aimed at introducing students and the general public to the discipline of computation, a subject near and dear to my heart.

I will not elaborate my thoughts on this subject here, but I remind people interested in this topic to search the LtU archive (specifically the teaching and learning department) since items related to this goal have appeared here occasionally.

This is also a chance to mention again my suggestion that someone translate Doug Hofstadter's Scientific American columns introducing Scheme to a general audience into Haskell.

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Hofstadter articles?

So, you got a pointer to the Hofstadter articles?

(being hopelessly stuck on the SICP translation)

It's in Metamagical Themas.

It's in Metamagical Themas. I don't think the articles are available online.


Lamm: as it happens, I have the 50 or so pages from the three chapters in Metamagical Themas scanned onto my computer (big 6 meg JPEGS, many not even flipped). Would you be interested in hosting them or passing them onto to somone who might want to use them?


We can't host copyrighted material on this server without the permission of the copyright holder.