Debugging Backwards in Time

Omniscient debugging is old hat by now, but some of you might still enjoy this video of Bil Lewis talking about the subject. It includes snakes and things, believe it or not...

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Unfortunately, out of date

Too bad it doesn't work on Java 5 byte code. They should something like this into Eclipse. It would be a godsend in so many situations.

Retrieving references in the new Eclipse milestone

Eclipse does not have this feature yet, but in the new milestone, when debugging with a Java 6 JVM, you can retrieve a list of all current references to any object you select. This is pretty helpful IMHO.

Annoying presentation style

I didn't care for the mix of las vegas and stand-up comedy style, esp. when it was neither. I wonder how the google engineers put up with being treated like cretins.

btw, ocaml's debugger has reverse execution, for those who don't know.

ocaml's debugger

last time when a friend of mine was developing an Ocaml IDE for Eclipse, we were unable to see an ocaml's debugger in action (none of them were easy to install and use).

So, how does that ocaml debgger work, comparing to the discussed omniscient debugger?

BTW. Google engineers are very happy and open-minded people

Couldn't this be done fairly

Couldn't this be done fairly easily with a tool like AspectJ ?