Delimited Control for PLT Scheme

Via the PLT Scheme mailing list:

MzScheme's support for prompts and composable continuations most
closely resembles Dorai Sitaram's tagged `%' and `fcontrol' operators;
see "Handling Control", PLDI'93 [previously mentioned at LtU], or see Dorai's dissertation.

You can read about the primitive functionality of delimited continuations in the language manual. You can read about all the different control operators available in the new library in library manual. Among them: %, fcontrol, prompt, control, prompt-at, control-at, reset, shift, reset-at, shift-at, prompt0, reset0, control0, shift0, prompt0-at, reset0-at, control0-at, shift0-at, set, cupto.

(To prevent any confusion: this change is in the latest SVN but not yet a final release.)

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This is great news!