Clorox - AJAX shared memory

Clorox is shared memory for AJAX applications. It provides data structures that look exactly like ordinary JavaScript objects, but that make RPC calls behind the scenes to fetch data. This means that programmers don't need to think about callback functions, and Clorox also makes it very easy to define policies for caching and prefetching of data to boost performance. An open-source (Mozilla License) implementation is available at, and feedback is very much appreciated!

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Distributed shared memory really needs transactions for it to be anywhere near reliable... does this provide it?

Atomic actions

We provide atomic actions with user-defined conflict classes, and guarantee that (for each browser) at most one action per conflict class will be executing at any time. This is intended to deal with concurrency issues that arise within a single browser. We don't yet address concurrency between multiple clients--that'll be fun to think about in the future.