Busy, busy, busy

As you can probably deduce from the lack of posts, I am extremely busy. Real life is taking its toll.

I implore the other editors to take charge.

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Offtopic, but I don't know where to go.

I'm sure everyone here knows that it is possible to take two (composable) finite state transducers and "compile" them into a third finite-state transducer.

If you have a fixed set of communicating finite-state processes, and a scheduling algorithm to switch between them, can you compile the whole thing into one finite-state transducer (from system inputs to system outputs)?

Is there some process calculus in the literature that corresponds to this scenario?


I don't know much about the literature on this, but Gerard Holzmann's spin does exactly this when preparing systems for model analysis.

Thanks! I didn't know that

Thanks! I didn't know that Spin models were even in principle executable.

After looking briefly on Google, I guess Spin models are in principle nondeterministic?

I guess I'll look more carefully to find out, and to find if there's a nice way of getting rid of that nondeterminism.