Scrap more boilerplate

Scrap more boilerplate. Ralf Laemmel and Simon Peyton Jones. ICFP'04.

We extend the "scrap your boilerplate" style of generic programming in Haskell to accomplish an additional range of applications. This includes several forms of serialisation and de-serialisation, test-set generation, type validation, and type erasure. To this end, we provide a well-designed reflection API for datatypes and constructors, and we also provide more general means of extending generic functions for given monomorphic or polymorphic types. The presented approach is readily supported in the GHC implementation of Haskell.

The previous "boilerplate" paper was discussed here in the past.

This is a interesting paper and there are many reasons why I should link to it, but I'll let you guess the number 1 reason (hint: check section 10).

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Section 10

Go Frank! :)

Let's keep it secret

I always thought Mr "lowly grad student" is extremely interested in generic programming :)
That's why I was surprised he treats dependent types with suspicion.

Oh, by the way, Frank does not like being put in a list, not to mention being at the head of a list :)
Let's not tell him :)