Sunday November 26th - Lisp/Scheme Presentation in DC

"Lisp is the Red Pill" by Conrad Barski, M.D. (Title taken from John Fraser's c.l.l. post of long ago) at Ebenezer's Coffee House (They have this awesome conference/party room in the basement...). An attempt will be made to introduce people to Lisp and to give them a flavor of the crown jewels of Lisp/Scheme: closures, true macros, continuations, etc. We will create a small video game and use examples from my Lisp Comic Book Casting SPELs in Lisp! Then, I'll give a sneak peek at my followup comic book- A web-based game that illustrates the essence of Scheme continuations! Also, Beer and Pizza at a nearby deep dish pizzeria after the presentation :)


Conrad Barski, M.D.