Peyton-Jones and Harris discuss STM (1h video)


Programming in the Age of Concurrency: Software Transactional Memory

Recently, we visited MSR Cambridge(UK) to meet some of the great minds working there. In this case, we were fortunate enough to get an hour's time with Simon Peyton-Jones and Tim Harris, who are researchers working on a very hard problem: making it easier (more predictable, more reliable, more composable) to write concurrent applications in this the age of Concurrency (multi-core is a reality, not a dream).

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Wonderful subject material

It is nice to hear about this research directly from the Peyton-Jones and Harris, but it could have been a lot more informative if they had gotten an interviewer who was a little bit less confused. This didn't really add much to just reading the paper.

about atomic blocks

Atomic blocks that SPJ and TH describe can be very easily implemented as extensions to a functional kernel for running erlang-style processes - where the pre-emption happens on graph reduction boundaries.