Distributed Meta-Programming

New paper by Hongwei Xi and others, Distributed Meta-Programming. Also contrasts the presented approach with that of Alice:

Distributed meta-programming (DMP), which allows code to be generated and distributed at run-time, has already become a common practice. However, code generation currently often relies on rather ad hoc approaches that represent code as plain text. making DMP notoriously error-prone. This unfortunate situation is further exacerbated due to issues such as mobility (of code) and locality and heterogeneity (of resources), which complicate testing and debugging drastically.

In this paper, we study distributed meta-programming from a type-theoretic perspective, presenting a language to facilitate the construction of programs that may generate and distribute code at run-time. The approach we take makes use of a form of typeful code representation developed in a previous study on metaprogramming, and it guarantees statically that only well-typed code (according to some chosen type discipline) can be constructed at run-time and sent to proper locations for execution. We also mention a prototype implementation in support of the practicality of our approach to DMP, providing a solid proof of concept.