T: A Dialect of Lisp

T: A Dialect of Lisp, or, LAMBDA: The Ultimate Software Tool

The T project is an experiment in language design and implementation.
Its purpose is to test the thesis developed by Steele and Sussman in
their series of papers about the Scheme language: that Scheme may be
used as the basis for a practical programming language of exceptional
expressive power; and, that implementations of scheme could perform
better than other Lisp systems, and competitively with implementations of programming languages, such as C and Bliss, which are usually
considered to be inherently more efficient than Lisp on conventional
machine architectures. We are developing a portable implementation of
T, currently targetted fo rthe VAX under the Unix and VMS operating
systems and for the Apollo, a MC68000-based workstations.

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The History of T is also interesting. There's now a T Revival Project and a T Project page.

Yet more T

I gathered all the links I could find to T source code, history, documentation, papers, revivals, etc. at the
section of the History of LISP at the Computer History Museum.