Self-Reproducing Programs in Common Lisp

Self-Reproducing Programs in Common Lisp by Peter Norvig, 1990.

This paper reviews the classic self-reproducing expressions in Lisp, and presents some new ones that are unique to Common Lisp.

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Parable ending

The ending to the parable on the last page of the paper can be found, for example, at


For people who are interested in Quines, there was a presentation at Eurocrypt last year with an actual application for them. David Naccache gave quite an interesting talk about Quines in time-constrained and space-constrained environments. The punchline is that in some applications you want to download code to a device, but you want to make sure that the device executes the code, rather than simulating it inside a sandbox. One way to do this is to ensure that you have "filled" the device completely so there is no room for an emulator. There is quite a cute method to do this using a quine here. I'd also considered them an entertaining piece of theory, so it was quite suprising to see a (fairly) real application for them.