Date format in the forum

How do I fix the date format used when I read the LtU forum?

I would like to see DD/MM/YYYY as is proper, not backwards MM/DD/YYYY.

(PS: I love making fun of American idiosyncrasies)

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Good point

Good point. Since I don't think there's a way for individual users to control the date format, I've changed it to follow ISO-8601.

Please direct any complaints about properness to the ISO Central Secretariat, 1 rue de Varembé, Genève.

Now I'll have to...

...revisit all those throw away Python scripts I wrote for building my LtU indexes. :-)


Oops, didn't think of that. Sorry.

No problem...

...I've been meaning to clean up a couple of things. :-)

Re: Good point

Wow, it is even worse that way. I suppose everyone will have the date format now, not only non-US residents.

Nonetheless- Thanks Anton!


Excellent. The ISO format is the only one that makes any sense, so we should use it (I always do myself).

bike shedding

We who care about useability don't. Human-readable date formats (using the month name, possibly abbreviated, instead of its ordinal) are usually prefered as they are quicker to interpret and less likely to be misunderstood.