Continuations and freeing the stack

For an error recovery system that supports resume, I was thinking of packing the current continuation in the exception object. However, that raises an issue with freeing the resources: even though the program pointer escaped the context of the error, there is still a way to return there with "resume".

For example:

def foo(x) = 3 + (50 / x)
foo 0
   e : DivisionByZero   e.resume 42   #the answer is 42
 | other                throw other

How do you normally deal with continuations that are returned from the current context?

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You use heap allocated stack

You use heap allocated stack frames and garbage collection instead of a plain old push/pop stack.

Resumable exceptions are very easy

As has been discussed on LtU, resumable exceptions are quite easy to implement. The key observation is that the continuation to resume is a `one-shot continuation', which is effectively implementable without any need to capture it. Please see the above LtU thread for details, and, perhaps, sample implementation in OCaml.