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I don't want to to turn LtU into a branch of Amazon but I've got a copy of "A theory of programming language semantics" by Milne & Strachey (hard cover, 2 volumes, good condition, pub 1976) to dispose of. I'm not a dealer, just a recently retired academic disposing of books I sadly realise I'll never read. I hate giving books to charity shops if I know there a 99% probability they'll just get pulped. Surely on LtU there is someone with an interest in programming language history?

I've just added it to Amazon for £60 (the other copies there are over £100) but if anyone wants to make a case for getting it cheaper (e.g. you are researching the history of programming language semantics - must be thousands of you out there!) they can contact me via Amazon.

The amazon link is: A theory of programming language semantics

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Alibris &co

Redistributing classic computer science books seems to be solved really well by Alibris. I've picked up lots of classics from them over the years for bargain prices. They have many copies of the book you mention starting from £9.

I'd reckon that putting favourite old books into the Alibris network is a good way for them to find a new home!

They must be expanding their network because in recent years a lot of previously unfindable books have surfaced for low prices (e.g. CSP, Amiga books).


Thanks for the info. I don't need the money that much - I'd just like to see the books going to a good home. I'll follow up Alibris.