Theme styles

A question on usability regarding the site theme:

Am I the only one who's getting eyes wet while looking at the bold blue links?

Also, the blockquote tag is rendered in blue... Every day I find myself clicking on it and wondering why nothing happens.

Surely presentation is nothing, but maybe anyone has similiar problems with the site?

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Personally, I like these

Personally, I like these colors... Happy new year!

Me Too

The current colors work for me as well. Nice, clean, and functional.


The themes aren't particularly beautiful, but I don't mind much.

+1 wrt the blockquotes colour, though.

Re: Blockquote

Note that the blockquote color was changed a while ago, but only for blockquotes in user comments.


There are a couple of alternate themes (marvin and pushbutton) available in the user profile ("my account"). Note that the default theme is the only one which we test carefully when upgrading the site software, so support for other themes may vary in future. But if something is buggy, we'll try to correct it.

Different Appearance

I like this theme as it gives a different look. Also everyone will notice that there is "Something special with this site" .