Lambda The Ultimate comes to SecondLife

Brief Announcement: Secondlife(.com) now has an LTU-equivalent discussion group "Lambda The Ultimate"
Enrollment is free and open to all.

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is there a difference from

is there a difference from the "original LtU"?

If not, why have a separate site?

LTU Comes to SecondLife

Technically, it's not a web site, it's an in-world discussion group with similar topical intent. You must be a SecondLife resident to
participate. To read more about SecondLife, see

Only one member there!!

I am not a member the second life. But when I searched for lambda on the site, it did show me "lambda the ultimate" as a group.

But wait a minute, it shows only one member for that group. Is that you? ;-)

For the record, I have no

For the record, I have no knowledge of this, and there's no affilation between this initiative and this site.

how about IRC?

One of these days I may have to break down and figure out this SecondLife the mean time, it seems like a good idea to have an LtU channel on IRC. Right now #haskell serves that purpose for me (quick questions/answers for newbies). The people on #haskell are kind enough to answer PLT questions that have nothing to do with haskell.

There is a #math, why not an #ltu?

Great idea

I second this. Right now, much discussion is grouped by language rather than by a more broad common interest. This can be frustrating when you must steer conversation in such a way to keep it on topic despite a large number of people being interested. While I have no interest in Second Life -- surely my computer can barely run it -- a simple IRC channel would be great.

Thirded. I find IRC a great

Thirded. I find IRC a great medium for discussion and already use it for some language specific discussions.


Some of us are hanging out in #ltu on freenode. I feel like the discussion style on the site is formal enough that an IRC channel won't really introduce any competition. Ehud, if you disagree, please let us know!

If you are having fun, you

If you are having fun, you have my blessing... It's not like I own the franchise.

Only thing I ask is that if for some reason it becomes relevant, it would be made clear that while related the communities are distinct.

Channel #ltu

Looks like this channel does exist. Who likes to hang out there?

At the moment there's a few

At the moment there's a few of us who tend to lurk, but little discussion. Questions (other than "is there anyone here?") are plenty welcome as conversation-starters!

"On Freenode"?

If you want to turn "on freenode" into something a DNS server would understand, what would that name be?

Freenode servers

Sorry, my IRC software has a prepopulated list of servers. Look at

Scheduled discussions?

Is there a time that people tend to meet? Perhaps we could organize a time for some informal discussions or demonstrations.

For example, I've built an IRC bot that's a thin wrapper around my Frink programming language and I could give an interactive demonstration of it sometime, if there's interest. I'd like to see others do the same. SecondLife is a bit too heavyweight for things like this.

The problem with running a Turing-complete bot in an IRC channel is that it's easy for someone to execute a command that gets it banned for so-called "Excess flood" even though it throttles its output to one line per second. :) We may need to pick an alternate server that's a bit friendlier.


Multiple instances of lambdabot have been running in #haskell and a plethora of other channels for over five years and during almost all that time have supported at least one and usually multiple Turing complete languages. There has never been any trouble. This page describes the way it maintains security.

Probably the easiest thing

Probably the easiest thing to do is just name a time in advance and see who shows up. Then if a pattern forms we can run with it. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bit of variation for time zones though - I'm not running as close to US time as I usually do!