Hi, I have a problem with OpenGL in LispWorks. It's functional, cause the icosahedron example is functional. But I don't know, how I can draw... I explain it: I'd like to programming in OpenGL by Lisp. I make CAPI INTERFACE and OpenGL pane in. When I evaluate (capi:display (make-instance 'my-interface)) the window shows up. I make triangle:
(defun triangle()
(opengl:gl-begin opengl:*gl-polygon*)
(opengl:gl-vertex4-i 1 0 0 1)
(opengl:gl-vertex4-i 0 1 0 1)
(opengl:gl-vertex4-i 0 0 1 1)
and now I'd like to drawing it on OpenGL canvas in my-interface. How can I do it?
(sorry for my explanation... I hope u get on :) ).

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