A relational language extension for Python

Inspired by 'The Third Manifesto', a book by Chris Date and Hugh Darwen, we're putting forward an implementation of a truly relational language using Python (Dee). We address two problems:

1. The impedance mismatch between programming languages and databases
2. The weakness and syntactic awkwardness of SQL

See www.quicksort.co.uk for details.

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Looks potentially useful,

Looks potentially useful, but there are a couple of problems:
  • You spelled everything in all caps. What, are you stuck in the 1970s? Obviously this is no reflection on the technical merit of the library, but by signaling that you are part of the out-group in this way, you make your work more likely to be ignored. It's as if you presented your work while wearing an Armani suit.
  • It doesn't sound like your library currently supports any connections to any backend databases, which is kind of a shame, since that's what people will want to try with it first.

Good luck.


A gentle introduction by Dennis Shasha:

Kdb+ Database and Language Primer