Problem with posting

Every time I post, regardless of the thread, I end up on the "Erlang the Movie" thread page.

Surely that's not because we think it is the most interesting discussion here, is it? ;-)

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Re: Problem with posting

This sounds like some variety of the bug I mentioned here.

Me too.

I have the same problem.

Also my session ends every day or two.


Does this posting problem happen if you're only using LtU in a single browser window (or tab), and not loading any other threads in other windows/tabs?

Re the session problem, Ehud has experienced the same thing. The login cookie timeout is actually set to one year; I'm wondering if that's too much for some browsers, or whether browser cookie settings are overriding what the site specifies.

I'm going to be investigating solutions to both of these problems. Re the session problem, if you're interested in a workaround, afaict it doesn't occur with Firefox, which is a very nice browser anyway.

Sorry, it does happen with Firefox

I use Firefox and I experience both problems.


OK, thanks for letting me know. For some reason, I've only seen the session problem in IE.

I'm going to tackle both of these things this week.

Session Problem

I've experienced the session-loss problem in Safari 1.2.3, for what that's worth.

Unrelatedly, I can't seem to recall how to change my preferred "theme" for LtU, which only seems relevant because clicking on individual message links in my current theme doesn't go to the specific message, but rather to the lead message in the topic (that is, it acts as if the stylesheet for the theme is filtering out anchors). However, when I lose my session, I also revert to the default theme, in which following links to specific messages works fine. :-)

Re: Session Problem

The theme setting ought to be under "my account / edit account" when you're logged in.


The session thing is most annoying. It is a high priority item, but from all I've heard it seems like a nasty problem to solve.