Real Haskell projects query

This might be of interest around here.

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heavy on computation, light on I/O

All the 3 projects are heavy on computation, light on I/O. I wonder if it is a coincidence.

It's not, but it has more to

It's not, but it has more to do with Haskell being good for computation than poor for IO. It's not prime-time ready yet, but you might want to take a look at HApps.

Thanks. It seems promising...

Here is the link:

My company is about to write a framework for web apps on top of ThinWire The framework will consist of database-aware widgets and forms with database-related functionality requested almost by every customer. The whole thing will be made with Java.

The question is: is HAPPS any good? can I suggest it to my company? is it backed up by a team that won't disappear in the near future? can a company bet on it?

I tried to find out more about it but I am not satisfied with what I have found so far. The changes log says there was a massive rewrite of it in version 0.8 (not very encouraging!), and there is still missing functionality served by third party modules.

I have the impression that it is not ready yet, but that's just a not-very informed opinion, I guess. More on this will be appreciated.

Certainly it wasn't ready

Certainly it wasn't ready yet the last time I had a solid degree of info on it - though that was back in August. I don't think it's ready yet, you're probably better off asking someone who's working on it about where it is currently though. I don't see the current team disappearing outright too quickly, but I'm not sure I'd take my own call on that either.

The big changes in 0.8 were (as far as I can tell) less of a necessity and more a case of doing the Right Thing - talking to people is probably the way to go there. But waiting for 1.0 or something close may be a good idea too.

The biggest answer so far, unfortunately, is don't ask me! :-) But while I don't think it's ready, I do think it will be and it's certainly a big project going somewhere that does IO, as per the original question.


Is that really true of Darcs? Sure there's probably a fair bit of computation that needs doing for working out and applying the patches, but it seems like it's got to do a lot of IO in order to diff and merge changes.