[Req. for Comments] Cat: A Typed Functional Stack-Based Language

I've completely revised the Cat technical report, based on a lot of valuable feedback from members of Lambda-the-Ultimate.org (and others).

The revised version is posted at cat-language.com/paper.html, and I'd be very grateful for any additional comments or suggestions.

Cat: A Typed Functional Stack-Based Language

Cat is a purely functional stack-based language with very simple semantics and a novel type system, which makes it appropriate for usage as an intermediate language. Cat differs from most other functional languages in that the concatenation of terms implies the operation of function composition instead of the more common operation of function application.

This paper presents the semantics and a type-system for Cat, and briefly discusses some of the interesting properties of the language.

I am hoping to submit to ICFP 2007, but if anyone has any suggestions for other appropriate venues, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks in advance!

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some comments

Reconstructing the Types of Stack-Machine Codes - this looks like a relevant citation
One reason stack machines are popular is that they tend to have compact object code.
Ritchie and Thompson's B language, the ancestor of C, was first implemented as a stack based interpreter.

Definitely relevant!

Thanks, that is a very useful citation. I had forgotten to mention about the compact object code advantage in the paper.

Is your name perchance "Dave Bremner"? I appreciate your participation in the discussions on Cat, and I'd like to acknowledge your contribution.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone else in the ack's section! I truly appreciate the help and guidance I have received at Lambda-the-Ultimate.org.