Order of the Science Scouts Badges

Even if you are not technically a scientist, as a reader of LtU you probably merit badge #24.

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Missed some

What about #15 -- computers are household appliances these days.

(Of course, no-one on LtU would ever have qualified for #16... right?)

Yeah, that one is for Dave.

Yeah, that one is for Dave.


Dude, I am all over that #16!

Oh yeah?

Not nearly often enough for my taste!


Some of us may get #29. Some EE's may get #40 as well. If category theorists don't get #49 there's something wrong.


Does intentionally crocheting hyperbolic surfaces count for #7? Especially, if you know why and would like to make a program to make/model stitch patterns for arbitrary Gaussian curvature. I'm pretty sure I've done other potential things for that, but I can't think of them right now.

no but

being unintentially crochety about hyperbolic surfaces counts towards the crushing with math prowess badge I think.