Separation Logic courses (Reynolds)

For some reason (probably starting with the letter N), seperation logic was recently mentioned here a few times. Since this area may be relatively unknown to many readers, I thought the following two course web sites from John C. Reynolds may be of interest:

Separation Logic (Spring 2004)

Current Research on Separation Logic (Spring 2005)

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I see there are newer

I see there are newer incarnations of these courses for Spring 2007. Here they are: intro and current research.

Context logic & term rewriting, and bunched implication too

There's an interesting talk abstract by Philippa Gardner that I've been meaning to investigate: I understand that she is motivated by applications in XML transformations, and she says she wants a generalisation of separation logic that plays well with term rewriting.

I have a trouble keeping on top of the theory here; it's not that the formalisms are unusually difficult, but the various researchers seem to have motivations that pull in different directions. I don't know how this context logic programme ties up with the effort to marry separation logic & bunched implication.

Context Logic as Modal Logic

Checking Philippa's page shows me she had a POPL paper this year: Context Logic as Modal Logic: Completeness and Parametric Inexpressivity. I've been a skeptic about the value of the work that came out of the ambient calculus for the most part, but this interests me.