Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code 2007 is now on. Among the projects suggested by mentoring organizations, quite a few may be of interest to language hackers.

Here are some organizations that have interesting (language oriented) project ideas: Boost C++,, Jikes RVM, LLVM, PHP and Python.

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OCaml Summer Project

It's a bit too late for a plug, but for future reference, it's worth taking a look at the OCaml Summer Project. The OSP is inspired by the Google Summer of Code, but is (obviously) focused on a single language, OCaml.

The deadline for submitting project proposals for the OSP is actually today (March 15th), and we already have a good collection of proposals that we are quite happy with. One of the interesting bits that differentiates the OSP from Google's Summer of Code is that there is a mini-conference at the end held in Jane Street's offices in Manhattan, which we hope will be an interesting and productive event.

Don't forget Squeak

The open-source Smalltalk also has an entry with interesting language-level ideas.

Sorry. My Bad.

Sorry. My Bad.

...and Lisp


Haskell seems to have the broadest selection. Some seem to be not-well-thought-out (e.g. "An IDE!"), but several such as the Haskell Shell have potential language interest.