Live coding festival and conference

I hope this is relevant here, with the recent interest in the SuperGlue paper.

There will be a festival of live coding in Sheffield, UK from 20-22nd July 2007. There's a call for participation out right now:

It is affiliated with TOPLAP, and supported by arts funding, so is particularly focused on live programming applications in music and video, with live performances being an important part of the programme. However, contributions on the computer science and philosophy side are very much welcome and indeed expected.

While I'm here, here's a paper I'm really enjoying, which I have not seen mentioned here yet:

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Re: AlgorithmsToday.pdf

Thanks for the paper reference, it is another kick in the pants to go learn SuperCollider. Oh Free Time, where art thou?

The paper reminds me of how hard it is to map static code (not just ASCII, even interaction diagrams aren't really enough) to what happens when you actually run it. Presumably there are various approaches: the Praxis-style super formalism to, I guess, try to specify what can happen at runtime vs. the more introspective and dynamic approach of directly modifying the code while it is running.

(All I know is, stuff like Java/C# sure seem to want to prevent me from getting work done vs. even just a simple REPL in something like SML.)

[on edit: simple concrete example: how to specify, implement, and test that the mouse cursor correctly changes to/from a "wait" icon?]