Open Quark (CAL language) 1.4.0 Released

The Open Quark Framework for Java V1.4.0 was recently released.

There have been considerable improvements in this release in regard to the CAL language support in the Eclipse Plug-in. A new video showcasing features of this plug-in is also now available on the main CAL page.

1.4.0 also added some language features. See the release notes on the same page for more details.

Finally, the discussion forum for the CAL language has now moved to a Google Group. This is a more neutral place than the old Business Objects Diamond site, and offers some nice features, such as "pages" for persistent articles.

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As an aside, the docs

are pretty nice, at least for newbies. As a haskell-wannabe, and not much more, it was very nice to read the Effective CAL paper.

Effective CAL

Thanks Raoul.

Here in Business Objects we both create a functional language implementation and consume it. That provides quite a lot of insight into how developers (particularly those new to CAL) are doing in terms of absorbing functional concepts, including the inevitable need to comprehend the operational aspects of the language in order to write "effective CAL". Of course we also believe this proximity of producer and consumer helps us a great deal in understanding how to evolve CAL - bearing in mind the practical needs of developers and what they are trying to accomplish.

The Effective CAL document was an attempt to capture some of the 'lore' that a developer ought to know when they begin to write real, commercial grade, software in CAL. It's intended to be a bit of a living document where we add new essays as necessary, and as we observe the kind of code that developers are writing (or getting feedback from them). It's also intended to be quite approachable.

Naturally, we would love to hear feedback on areas where people feel there could be more advice of this sort.