SICP picture

I finished reading SICP today so I made this picture to sum up the incredible experience: The SICP experience

How about you? What did you do after reading SICP?

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The missing apostrophe in "IVE" is rather jarring. And who are the people shown? (This is a legit question; I'm face blind, so I cannot tell.)

Ableson and Sussman

The blended picture of the two on the back cover of SICP always gives me the creeps.


My copy of SICP has plain hard covers with no pictures, or that might have occurred to me.

Its Gerald J. Sussman and

Its Gerald J. Sussman and Harold Abelson.

6.001 is over?!

I heard that SICP is too hard so 6.001 is over, this is a terrible shame. Nothing can compare to it, what will they learn instead?

Reports of 6.001 demise are premature...

MIT has set up some alternatives to 6.001 but it has not killed the course (see LtU discussion).

Now that you've finished SICP, time to move onto CTM.

My PL related artwork tends to be somewhat blander.

Hey its good! Do you have

Hey its good! Do you have SVG or some vector format?
I havent heard of CTM, so ill start it right away.


Much as I'd love to compare PL-related artwork, I'll spare the greater web a picture of my Y-combinator tattoo.

Wear the shirt

A t-shirt with the SICP cover art is available from the MIT press bookstore. Wearing it has triggered any number of interestingly geeky conversations for me, and helps greatly in distinguishing those-who-program-from-joy from those-who-program-for-paychecks. (No moral or intellectual judgements are implied in that last sentence. Which isn't to say I don't have such judgements.)


Do you think its possible to get an "ive read SICP" t-shirt?

Wouldn't wearing the SICP

Wouldn't wearing the SICP shirt without actually having read SICP be a fallacy?

Are you trying to say

Are you trying to say I havent read SICP?!

Do they still do this? I

Do they still do this? I found, however the link to the picture is broken, and judging by the lack of links to buy, I'm guessing they want you to contact them at the given address?

EDIT: According to Riastradh, someone went to MIT Press and requested a shirt, and was told they no longer make them. Sad really :(


See here for a collection of shirt designs...

hehe rad! I want to design

hehe rad! I want to design some t-shirts as well.


Perhaps a book on Swiss typography should be your next read...

Oh yeah?

Well, I've read it TWICE, and my copy is signed by Gerry Sussman himself (and also by his wife)! On the other hand, I never made a picture out of my experience.

Seriously, welcome to the club.

Twice haha! wow. A signed

Twice haha! wow. A signed copy excellent!
I will read it again someday.


signed? cursively or re- ?

or in the normal order?