Pickler Combinators

Pickler Combinators, Andrew Kennedy 2004.

The tedium of writing pickling and unpickling functions by hand is relieved using a combinator library similar in spirit to the well-known parser combinators. Picklers for primitive types are combined to support tupling, alternation, recursion, and structure sharing. Code is presented in Haskell; an alternative implementation in ML is discussed.

This is a very pretty functional pearl, which is both useful and illustrates some nice semantic principles.

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Neel, as usuall an interesting post! Can you please try to assign the correct department when posting? The (bad) default is to the Admin dept. which is usually not what you want...

Sure thing. I usually try to

Sure thing. I usually try to do that, but this time I forgot. Sorry about that!

Pickler for OCaml

Pickler for OCaml

(The URLs don't seem to work at the moment, but I grabbed a copy at the time so if you want it, email me, rich at annexia dot org).