DbC + OPascal == Chrome

(Hadn't seen this before, didn't find it mentioned on LtU via the search.)

One of the most exciting features Chrome brings to .NET are Class Contracts, a concept comparable to "Design by Contract" introduced by Eiffel. Chrome is the first attempt to bring DBC-like concepts into a main-stream language.

I'm not sure I'd call a new version of Object Pascal coming from a single vendor "a main-stream language" but Chrome still sounds interesting.

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Looks interesting

It certainly looks interesting. I agree though, that they're stretching the marketing hype a little. If I want DbC in a .NET language I would probably go for Eiffel (which has done .NET for quite some time now), or Spec#, both of which seem at least as mainstream as Chrome to me. On the other hand, were I from more o a Delphi background this would definitely look very appealing.

Re: Spec#

I really liked AsmL's syntax (I know that isn't really saying much, but the semantics were C#ish which is 'good enough' at some level) when I was looking at it. Were I a .Net rather than a JVM weenie, there'd be some very neat things to look at (Spec# with tools, F# for fun and games).