Festschrift for John C Reynolds's 70th Birthday

The Festschrift for John C Reynolds's 70th Birthday is available as Special Issue of Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 375(1-3), 1 May 2007. Many interesting papers! Get it while it's hot.

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Wadler on Girard-Reynolds...

1. ...is available as an Elsevier-tax-free preprint
2. ...neglects one of the most interesting metatheoretic observations about the calculus, namely Martin-Loef's observation that, over a suitable base theory, SN of System F is equivalent to the 1-consistency of second-order arithmetic.

Thanks (on both counts). I

Thanks (on both counts).

I had a feeling that the papers are openly accessible from the Elsevier page (this being a Festschrift and all). Sorry if I was wrong about this. I tend not to post links to restricted sites.

Combining algebraic effects with continuations

This is the other paper that really caught my eye (there is an unencumbered preprint). I haven't read enough of the content to say much more than I must read this paper carefully, but let me draw attention to the list of authors: Martin Hyland, Paul Blain Levy, Gordon Plotkin and John Power! That's some team...

To understand it, I expect

To understand it, I expect you'll need to catch up on enriched category theory. Happily, Kelly's 1982 book on the subject has been LaTeXed and put on the web for free.

Good book

This book is extremely good for getting powerful but useful tools of category theory in your hands. Ignoring the enriched aspect of it, it does a good job of talking about indexed (co)limits (a.k.a. weighted (co)limits), Kan extensions, (co)ends and (co)powers, and some significant applications of these tools. Nowadays, I'm particularly fond of index (co)limits, (co)ends and representability.

Core algebra revisited

Is there an unencumbered version of Peter Freyd's contribution?