User names

I've noticed that several new members chose obscure user names, instead of using their regular names. This is discouraged around here. Please see the LtU policy regarding user names, and at least provide identifying information in your user profile (e.g., a homepage url), if you keep using a handle instead of your real name.

On top of the reasons explained in the policy pages, LtU is being constantly attacked by spammers these days. Spammers ususally use strange usernames, and this allows me to catch them before they beign posting. However, the effectiveness of this technique depends on genuine members using their real names, so please help by abiding to this policy.


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And you can change your old userid, if that helps

And note how smoothly Drupal handles username changes — it changes the attribution of all the old postings you've made. Cool feature. (One drawback of that feature is that now there may be one or two old discussion threads that refer to things "scruzia said" but which are now a bit more confusing.)

Oh, good!

Last time this came up, nobody mentioned that. I've now changed from "francis" to my real name.

Lost password

I signed up with my real name but lost the password and lost access to the e-mail address I used, so now I use my nick.

You could have contacted me

You could have contacted me and I'd have reset the user profile for you.

User name = something Unixy?

Perhaps the displayed name should be decoupled from user name? I defaulted to 'terok' because that's what I will always do.

Just wondering...

Just wondering...why the decoupling?

Ease of login? Also, then

Ease of login? Also, then you can hold usernames immutable and allow the display name/"real name" to change while retaining a sense of identity visible to others.