ANN: Open Quark Framework for Java (CAL Language) 1.5.0

The Open Quark team is delighted to announce a new version of the Open Quark Framework for Java, and its associated Eclipse Plug-in.

Open Quark supports efficient non-strict functional evaluation in Java, and allows complete interoperability with Java, functional metaprogramming and evaluation control. Functions can be created programmatically in Java via a number of object models, and the full-featured Haskell-like language CAL allows large functional libraries and applications to be expressed conveniently. There is an increasingly complete Eclipse plug-in to support development in the CAL language. There is also a graphical language to create new functions.

As usual, the software packages and collateral can be downloaded at the main Quark Framework page.

A discussion forum can be found at on Google Groups.

Version 1.5.0 is a feature release adding several important enhancements, including:

  • The ability to create minimal JAR files with a static main method. For those using CAL to write standalone applications without the need for metaprogramming or control from Java code, you can now create convenient JARs that are extremely small in size with very fast start-up (the CAL workspace and support for dynamic programming is not loaded).
  • The Eclipse plug-in has wizards to help set up new projects and modules.
  • The Eclipse plug-in has CAL templates
  • The Eclipse plug-in supports shift/control hover to see the source code of a symbol
  • CAL source formatting is much improved
  • Help is now available in Eclipse

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some (possibly familiar) programs to look at ...

And here are some CAL programs