.NET-oriented metaprogramming framework for rapid compiler development

Message deleted, see thread below for explanation.

I decided to leave the thread here, because I think the discussion may help orient new members.

The original poster is not banned, and is invited to repost a more appropriate message - per the suggestions below - if he so wishes.

-- Ehud

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[Admin]: Spam?

This looks like an inaapropriate ad that. Should it be deleted?

Looks more appropriate for PLNews

Personally, I don't mind people posting about their projects and/or products if the purpose is to generate a discussion. But just posting release announcements is something that PLNews does a much better job than LtU.

Given that the above announcement is just an echo of information on the web page, with no hint that a human individual is involved who tries to make it relevant for LtU discussion, I'd say it appears to be, on the surface, spam.

I'd be happy to see the discussion

Sorry for being lazy and posting such an announcement.

There are some DSL design examples which are relevant to LtU topics, and probably worth some discussion.

Turing Test

While I'd agree that there is a wealth of material there that could be mined for an LtU discussion, I think the red flags that crop are:

1). Your first post is an announcement. LtU has historically tried to discourage announcement type postings - lest we take over the role of PLNews.

2). The post is a repeat of material available elsewhere. No initial attempt was made to focus the discussion on a particular aspect of the project.

3). The use of pseudonyms (i.e. metaprogrammer) is discouraged.

[Edit Note: A couple of explanations of these points:

1). Long time members are granted more leeway in terms of how they announce their work here-abouts.

2). Long-time members will many times relate their work to previous discussions on LtU.

3). Pseudonyms can be used on LtU, but it does require some time before that pseudonym manages to take hold and create an identity for the person.]

Where's the paper?

A couple of other issues for LtU relevance: the system in question looks as though it might be binary only, i.e. no source code (I haven't actually installed it to check, though). That could be compensated for if there was perhaps a paper describing its approach or implementation, but it seems that to access any documentation at all will require installing the system (which incidentally will only install on a particular platform). So what's to discuss, really?

All in all, I think this is a no-brainer for deletion.

Indeed, this has all the

Indeed, this has all the characteristics of an ad for a commercial product. Unless someone (other than the original poster) objects, or a relevant discussion begins soon, I'll delete this thread.