Joe Armstrong DDJ interview

A short interview with Joe Armstrong about Erlang (naturally):

Ericsson has always used parallel hardware in its switching products -- right from the AXE in the mid 1970s. There is a "school" of parallel programming inside Ericsson. Erlang is the third language in a progression of languages: PLEX -> Eri-Pascal -> Erlang.

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Programming Erlang is finally out

Just wanted to mention that Joe's new book is out, although I suppose this is not news for most. In any case, after waiting for a few months, I finally got my hard copy from Amazon, and seems to be worth every single penny! (Amazon has a great price, BTW!) The writing seems to be pretty good, which is making it an easy read. Hope it continues like that as I move forward! Starts from scratch, builds onto more advance stuff and then goes over code examples... It cannot get simpler than this!

Wouldn't this be a good

Wouldn't this be a good opportunity to get Joe to guest blog on LtU?